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How Crossbones Will Likely Fit Into Captain America: Civil War

At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we saw the world change for the characters we'd gotten comfortable with over the running time of the film. We saw Agent 13 (aka Sharon Carter) take to a shooting range, Senator Stern geting busted for hailng Hydra a little too openly, and thus being a threat to national security, and most importantly, we saw what was left of Brock Rumlow after his fight with The Falcon. Despite some massive trauma, there was plenty left of Rumlow after that helicarrier accident, enough that he's supposedly coming back to wreck havoc on Cap and his friends in Captain America: Civil War. Only this time he'll be going by his more menacing moniker: Crossbones.

Justin Kroll, a reporter for Variety, recently released the following tweet in reference to the casting Daniel Bruhl in a mysterious villain role for Captain America: Civil War.

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While there's still no word on just who Bruhl is playing, this tweet at least lets us know what whomever it is, it's not going to be the main villain of the piece. As far as Kroll's information is concerned, Crossbones is going to be the front and center villain in Captain America: Civil War. Considering he's the man widely credited with killing Captain America at the end of the Civil War run, his inclusion means that there could be a good chance we'll see Chris Evans take the big bullet when he comes back in 2016.

Of course, what this also means is that there's a good chance the fans who are pegging Daniel Bruhl for the role of Baron Zemo, a high priority member of the Nazi party for his evil scientific genius, are probably right. In the comics, Rumlow is sent to observe Zemo's progress on a scientific breakthrough he's working on for HYDRA, which means that not only could Zemo be in play, but Red Skull (the person who sent Rumlow in the first place) could be coming back as well!

Of course, none of this is officially confirmed on the part of Marvel, and this is purely speculation based on a tweet that's as cryptic as it is short. However, judging by the resurgence in HYDRA activity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not a stretch to see, at the very least, Baron Zemo making his first appearance on the playing field. Red Skull, on the other hand, will depend on how far out Joe And Anthony Russo will want to take their version of Captain America. One thing is for certain though, Crossbones is out there, and he's just waiting for the right shot to take down America.

Captain America: Civil War will be waged on May 6, 2016.

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