Win Ryan Gosling's Motorcycle Jacket From The Place Beyond The Pines

Despite its ability to envelop every single annoying reality TV show quirk into one half-hour, the Syfy series Hollywood Treasures is usually a treat to see just what iconic Hollywood props are getting bought and sold, and even to see the kind of people who sell and buy them. There’s a strange sort of Zen feeling in watching Robin’s Batcycle from the 1960s Batman TV series get authenticated by Burt Ward himself. But it’s a show that mostly deals with films from the past.

Now, though, the historical documents and Hollywood memorabilia dealer Profiles in History is auctioning off a prop from Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines, a movie that hasn’t even been released yet. In an effort to benefit Variety, The Children’s Charity of Southern California, Focus Features has offered up the Firstgear red leather motorcycle jacket that Ryan Gosling’s stuntman-turned-outlaw character Luke wears in the film. Adding to the authenticity is the lack of a jacket lining, which was removed due to its use during the extensive motorcycle sequences seen in the film.

The auction will begin on Friday, March 29, at the Hollywood ArcLight Cinemas, one of the four cinemas that are part of the film’s exclusive limited release before the film goes onto a wider limited release on April 5. The jacket will be on public display at the ArcLight until then, though the auction will not end until Monday, April 8. The film will get its full nationwide release later that week on Friday, April 12.

Even though the film centers on a character that succumbs to thievery as a way of providing for his former lover and their newly-discovered newborn child, helping that child is still the end goal, which is what this auction seeks to do as well. Please visit Profiles in History once the auction begins to do your part in helping out children in need while also taking home a piece of movie history. Or pre-history, in this case.

For more on The Place Beyond the Pines you can click here, or check out the exclusive artwork from the film that we debuted yesterday. You can also watch the film's trailer below.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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