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Every week we seem to be writing about a new James Franco project, and saying "Yes, I know he's surprising, but this time he's really blown our minds." And then the next week he does it again, picking a project-- either to direct, star in, or otherwise help create-- that makes no damn sense whatsoever. And yet, with all the oddball projects he's floating around, there might be none more surprising than the upcoming action thriller Homefront, in which Franco will star opposite none other than The Expendables star Jason Statham, with a script written by Sylvester Stallone. I know. I have no idea how this happened either.

Franco is set to play a meth kingpin named Gator who endangers the small town where Statham's character, an ex-DEA agent, has decided to settle down. Now THR reports that Winona Ryder has also signed on board, playing an "former biker chick" who teams up with Franco in whatever nefarious business he gets up to. This will actually be a reunion for Ryder and Franco, as the two also star together in the bizarre looking thriller The Letter, which debuted a very cheap looking trailer last week. Homefront, despite the weird pedigree, at least seems to have a bigger budget going for it, and direction from Gary Fleder, who made the thrillers Kiss the Girls and Don't Say A Word.

As weird as it is that Franco, a guy who has an Oscar nomination and a history of stoner comedies, is starring opposite ass-kicker Jason Statham, it actually makes me way more interested in the movie than if they've gotten, like, Val Kilmer to play the meth dealer. Will Homefront actually pay off on this crazy premise? Who knows. But it ought to be even more worth a look than your average Statham shoot-'em-up.

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