Wonder Woman Is A Priority At Warner Bros.

While Marvel Studios has spent the last five years growing a cinematic universe with a diverse group of comic book heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk, DC and Warner Bros. are left playing catch-up. As we've discussed at length, Superman and Batman are finally going to come together in the same movie for the first time in Zack Snyder's untitled Man of Steel sequel, but what else does the studio have cooking? According to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, one of the primary goals is finally getting something going with Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, specific details about those goals seem to be in a state of flux. The Hollywood Reporter was present for an entertainment law conference this past weekend and during the proceedings Tsujihara said that the studio is prioritizing some kind of Wonder Woman project, but that at this time what that project will be is unknown. Noting the studio's lack of superhero movies outside of Batman and Superman as "missed opportunity," the executive said that there are "huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV" and that they "need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV."

It's not hard to see why Warner Bros. would want to prioritize a female superhero movie. Marvel's main line-up right now is entirely populated by white dudes, with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow being the only female of the entire Avengers team. Putting the spotlight on Wonder Woman would be an opportunity to both make long time comic book fans happy and possibly bring in a larger female audience.

The trick, however, is making a Wonder Woman movie or TV series that is actually worth watching. The studio has actually been trying to do something with the Amazonian warrior on the big screen for years now - famously rejecting a version by Joss Whedon - but has never been able to get anything made. On the small screen there is of course the famous Linda Carter series from the 1970s, but more recently there was the David E. Kelley version that notoriously never made it past the pilot stage.

If the upcoming Batman/Superman movie results in the creation of a larger DC Cinematic Universe that includes all of the members of the Justice League then we can certainly expect that Wonder Woman will eventually get her chance on the big screen, but when that might actually happen is a big question mark at this stage. With Green Arrow, The Flash, and now Gotham City finding a home on television now, however, could a TV series be the better way to go presently? Answer our poll and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Eric Eisenberg
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