Wonderland Sneak Peek: Is Alice Getting Hitched?

As Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland's March 5th release date draws ever closer, Disney's marketing machine churns out more and more for the bedazzled eye to see. Of course, most of it repeats of what we've already seen in the trailers and snippets they've scattered, but this latest Exclusive First Look from ABC gives a clue we haven't seen yet.

In the opening moments we get a chance to see what has driven Alice to her return trip to Wonderland: a very public proposal from a teethy, pasty ginger fellow who is clearly just as obsessively punctual as the white rabbit. But before she's ready to give an answer, she needs a moment to escape and collect herself. Presumably her head-clearing stroll is what leads her unwittingly back to the rabbit hole.

So, after all is said and done, will she return and say yes? Or will this be some kind of women's lib deal where she comes home with the Wonderland-ish strength needed to declare herself an independent, idealistic woman? I have more faith in ol' Burton to believe either of those. I suspect there might be a handsome, young, non-parent-approved, not-so-mad hatter's apprentice waiting in the wings to welcome her home. Or perhaps she just decides she's not grown up enough to get hitched?

Speculate for yourself! Watch it below: