The world's ending, let's go to a pub! If you think that sounds a bit like Shaun of the Dead, you're not entirely off track. The World's End comes from Shaun of the Dead writer/director Edgar Wright. As the trailer indicates, the story starts out looking like a road-trip/Hangover-style tale about a bunch of old friends getting together for a good old-fashioned pub-crawl. And then things go all Doctor Who-y, as they discover that the town has been taking over by robots.

The World's End stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Rosamund Pike, Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine and follows five childhood friends who reunite in an attempt to complete an epic pub crawl, which will take them to fabled pub, The World's End. In the process, they're also trying to work out some issues, both past and present. And as the trailer - which comes courtesy of Yahoo - indicates, things take a bizarre turn when the mentioned robots come in and things start to get blue. That sort of makes the whole pub crawl thing seem less important, and yet I'm sure we're all hoping this group completes their primary objective. As Shaun of the Dead proved, dealing with some kind of outbreak or invasion doesn't mean there isn't time or opportunity to head to the bar for shelter and a pint.

The World's End arrives in theaters August 23, though it'll be making its UK debut before that, with a July release across the pond. See the cast looking like true heroes in the recent posters here.

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