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Writer Hired For The Lethal Weapon Reboot

It was less than an hour ago that I wrote about Warner Bros. going back through their in-development projects following the departure of executive Jessica Goodman to find movies to reboot and remake. One title on the list was the classic action buddy cop series Lethal Weapon and now, apparently, they've already hired a writer. Deadline reports that Will Beall, the writer of the upcoming Tales From The Gangster Squad, has been hired by Warner Bros. to update the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover series for the modern era with a new cast. According to the report, Beall's pitch was to maintain the "hard R-rated edgy street cop movie" tone of the original.

Only rubbing salt in the wound is the fact that the article mentions that the studio has been "messing around" with a treatment for a Lethal Weapon 5 by none other than Shane Black (he wrote the first film and created the characters), but decided not to do it because it would involve bringing back the original cast and they don't want to be involved with the mess that is Mel Gibson's image. Here's a thought: how about giving Shane Black the opportunity script the remake? Sure, he might turn it down, but why not give the creator of the universe a crack at it? It was recently reported that Black would be directing an adaptation of the Manga comic DeathNote, so it's not as though the guy is retired. Here's hoping that this is a project that eventually finds its way back into development hell.

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