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Much like any creature in existence, the extraterrestrials from the Alien franchise take qualities from both the mother and the father. This is why the xenomorph that bursts out of Kane's chest in Ridley Scott's 1979 horror/sci-fi classic is bi-pedal and why the one that emerges out of the Predator at the end of Alien vs. Predator has the strangely shaped mouth. As a result, one question that has always made fans scratch their heads is "What did the aliens look like before they started impregnating humans?" Well, Ridley Scott's Prometheus may just give us that answer.

Bleeding Cool has gotten word from a source close to the production of the film that once again suggests that everyone was too hasty to cut off the new project's connection to the original franchise. According to the source, the aliens do play a role in Prometheus, but because humans have not yet discovered them, they will be unrecognizable. This would fit into the whole concept of "Alien DNA" having a role in the new film, but make it a bit more literal than figurative. The source also clued the site into the setting of the film a bit, saying that part of the film would take place on "a planet that has been terraformed to create the perfect environment in which a particular bioweapon would prosper." Whether this bioweapon happens to be a xenomorph remains a mystery.

The writer also inquired about the rumored 8-foot animatronic Space Jockey, but, sadly, didn't receive a detailed answer, the source responding, "There’s nothing we’re calling a space jockey here." This could mean that there is no animatronic figure, that the space jockey doesn't play a role, or that they are simply calling it something else.

I'm starting to kind of enjoy this little guessing game. While the report back in January seemed to wipe the slate clean, everything we've heard since has suggested that this is still the Alien prequel that Ridley Scott has been talking up for years. It's like a viral campaign that works through unnamed sources and leaked, minute details. Lucky for us there is still a year and a half left of this game until the film's release date arrives.

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