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You're Next Exclusive GIF: A Home Invasion Thriller As Sharp As Knives

"You're Next is how you do a home invasion thriller right. 'Worth the wait' doesn't even begin to describe it."

That's not just any yahoo telling you about this summer's upcoming horror thriller You're Next-- that's our own Eric Eisenberg, who's one of many to have caught the indie effort at a film festival and fallen hard for the kind of taut horror movie you just don't see much of these days. I fell for it hard myself, at the Toronto Film Festival, and I usually hate horror movies. Now audiences will finally get a chance to see what the festival crowds have been going nuts for, and we're thrilled to help premiere one more piece of the You're Next puzzle, with this exclusive, sharp-as-knives GIF below.

This is only the beginning of the You're Next goodness, though. Head over to Ain't It Cool and FEARnet to see two other GIFs; all three of our GIFs will give you hints toward the big reveal-- the movie's official poster, which we'll be debuting in just a few hours. You can also check out the film's official Tumblr, which is wonderfully called Fuck Yeah You're Next-- it's playing the wonderful 70's jam "Looking For The Magic," which becomes a whole lot more sinister in the context of the movie, and later today will have a GIF version of the poster that we're premiering. So if you're really into the motion version that we're showing you above, check out the Tumblr page in a few hours and see it all put together in motion-- motion to kill you by, that is.

If you haven't been following the You're Next buzz up to this point, here are the basics: it's a home invasion thriller, about a wealthy family's reunion interrupted by a bunch of killers wearing animal masks. But just when you think you know where this story is going, it surprises you both with an unexpected hero and a sense of humor that keeps the whole thing moving. Directed by Adam Wingard, it features a few indie film standouts-- like fellow director Joe Swanberg and Upstream Color's Amy Seimetz-- as well as breakout star Sharni Vinson, an Australian who proves that the Crocodile Dundee legend isn't necessarily all stereotype. It's one of the best horror surprises in the last few years, and coming on August 23, it's the kind of low-key thrill that can make you forget all about the Iron Man 3's and World War Z's of the summer season. For more on You're Next you can click here, or visit the film all over social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And make sure to come back at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST for the brand-new poster premiere!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend