Young Lana Lang Cast In Man Of Steel

Considering that Zack Snyder managed to get Kevin Costner and Diane Lane to play Ma and Pa Kent in the upcoming Man of Steel, we can probably expect that a good portion of the film is going to be set in Superman's hometown of Smallville. It's already been confirmed that the movie will be partially retelling Supes' origin story, but if that includes his childhood in Kansas, doesn't that mean they should be casting some of Clark Kent's friends? The answer is apparently yes.

The Superman Super Site (via Coming Soon) has confirmed that Jadin Gould has been hired to play a young Lana Lang in Man of Steel. Gould is only 13 years old, but already has a solid amount of experience in the entertainment industry, having appeared on episodes of shows like Dexter, iCarly, The United States of Tara as well as the movie Battle Los Angeles. In the Superman origin story, Lang is one of Superman's earliest love interests and close friends. She was played by Diane Sherry and Annette O'Toole in Superman: The Movie and Superman III, respectively, and was played by Kristin Kreuk on the long-running series Smallville.

There have been reports that Superman will return to Smallville as an adult in Man of Steel to do battle with Zod, but it's interesting to know that there will be enough of a back story to include a 13-year-old Lana Lang. Snyder has said previously that this new version of the story will distance itself from the Richard Donner take, but so far it seems like the first part of the movie may be exactly the same as Donner's from 1979.

Eric Eisenberg
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