Zachary Quinto was one of the stars of 2009 hit Star Trek, and he's made his name on a NBC series that used to be popular, Heroes, but he's not yet an all-caps MOVIE STAR. That might change sooner than you think, though. Before he straps back on the Spock ears for Star Trek 2, Quinto may star for Steven Spielberg in a biopic of George Gershwin, the famous composer who wrote more than a dozen Broadway shows with his brother Ira before he died in 1937 at age 38.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the Gershwin biopic is one of several that Spielberg is eyeing, now that Harvey is cancelled and apparently the guy is just never going to make that Lincoln biopic. Production could start as soon as April once Spielberg makes up his mind, with a script from Doug Wright, who wrote Quills, I Am My Own Wife and the stage version of Grey Gardens.

Does Quinto look a thing like Gershwin? Not particularly. But he's a young actor still proving himself, and will likely commit himself to the role so deeply that it could turn out dynamite. We may have only seen the beginning of what Quinto is capable of.

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