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Zack Snyder Says Zod In Superman Is Just A Rumor

Just over a week ago, Zack Snyder was revealed to be helming the new Superman film, produced by Christopher Nolan. Soon after, it was reported that the script by David S. Goyer has a connection to the original Richard Donner movies and possibly shares a villain: General Zod. The story was quickly followed by confirmations from SlashFilm and Latino Review, using their own sources. Unfortunately for any Zod fans out there though, it appears that the character's appearence is only a rumor, at least for now.

Bad Taste recently attended a roundtable interview with Snyder promoting his newest film, The Legend of the Guardians and when asked if, General Zod will be the villain, Snyder answered quite succinctly: "For now it's just a rumor."

That's about as definitive an answer as we're likely to get at this stage, and it certainly doesn't make it clear whether or not Zod will be in the movie or not. What it probably means is that Snyder and crew are currently considering the character, but aren't ready to commit to him just yet.

Either way, I'm not entirely sure about General Zod being the main villain of the film. While he's definitely had some interesting moments, most recently perhaps in the "New Krypton" arc of the comic series, he also carries with him a level of camp-association that comes with the Richard Donner films. It wouldn't be impossible for Goyer to push the character into some interesting angles, but getting an audience familiar with the original films to take him seriously will not be so easy.

My personal pick would've been Lex Luthor, but I can totally understand why they would want to steer clear of him, and the previous Superman film in general.