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Sometimes it's easier said than done to pull a sequel from the pits of development hell and into the world of actively produced films. However, as any good zombie would tell you, an idea like Zombieland 2 is one that you can't keep dead. And believe it or not, there's rumors swirling that the film will be shooting in Atlanta at some point around this August.

The news came from Bloody Disgusting, who noticed that various casting sites have put out a call for actors to be a part of Zombieland 2's hypothetical late summer shooting schedule. Now while movement on this project doesn't seem that weird, considering that Sony debuted a pretty plain looking logo for the sequel to the 2009 horror comedy at CinemaCon, it is surprising that it would be rumored to be in the pipeline for so soon after said presentation. Though that's not even the worst fear involving Zombieland 2's supposedly reanimated production schedule.

One concern that was also brought up was the fact that since Zombieland's debut, pretty much each member of the core foursome has gone on to see their career skyrocket. With Jessie Eisenberg and Emma Stone both doing comic-book projects and prestige projects, Woody Harrelson scoring a massive hit franchise in both TV and movies, and Abigail Breslin becoming a scream queen in training, the participation of the group we came to know and love is in severe question. And if Zombieland 2 is going to be a re-cast / re-written affair, then it'll start to remind people of the dismally received Amazon pilot for a Zombieland series.


Though if the original cast can't make it back for Zombieland 2, obviously the path of a top down re-write would be the safest bet. Considering the entire world is in the throes of this zombie menace, a new team of smart-assed zombie hunters could be a spin-off from the first film's material. Think of this option as the, Fear The Walking Dead option, which would see the story in a different setting, with different characters. For folks that are apprehensive about following the original crew around another adventure, the anthology approach could make for a better scenario.

Yet again, we have to stress that Zombieland 2's production schedule is one, big clown zombie of a rumor. While we wouldn't rule out the fact that Sony Pictures would want to return to another known quantity of a franchise, in the hopes of scoring some much needed cash to run the studio, there could be some time before we get to learn more of the numerous rules that Columbus had started to catalog for us seven years ago. Of course, if there's a new cast, how the hell are they going to handle that aspect of the storyline?

We don't know much about Zombieland 2 at this time, but as soon as we have more information, we'll let you know what's brewing, In the meantime, remember to double tap your targets and get some cardio in your daily routine. Zombie invasions don't come with a warning sign.

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