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Another day, another trailer for The Purge: Election Year. The last one was only released a couple of weeks ago, but there's another one here just to be sure that you know that a new Purge movie is on its way. This one focuses a bit more on the Senator who is running for office on a platform of ending the Purge once and for all. She has personal reasons for wanting to do this. Some other people have personal reasons for wanting to stop her. You really need to check this one out.

Elizabeth Mitchell plays Charlene Roan, known as Charlie. When she was a teenager, she was the only member of her family to survive one terrible Purge night, and as such she has dedicated herself to ending it. The Purge is presented to the people as a necessary evil, but Senator Roan knows that it's not, it's a tool used by the powerful to keep the underclass in check. Those powerful people, of course, take issue with her desires and so they decide to use the annual event to target her specifically, in order to close her campaign for good.

What follows is Frank Grillo, reprising his role from The Purge: Anarchy, and now the head of the Senator's security detail, trying to keep her alive as pretty much the entire city is trying to kill her. If this was a video game, and in some ways, it feels like it is, it looks like the entire game would be one long escort mission. Let's hope the Senator is better at keeping herself out of danger than your average AI controlled companion.

The Purge

Except, that we already know from the trailer that she's not. The end of it shows us that she gets herself captured. Whether we're being shown something from the end of the film is unclear. Hopefully, this actually happens early in the movie, and then she gets saved and things continue.

All of this can be overcome if the action is good enough. The Purge films are usually a good time at the movies, it's part of the reason why they keep making sequels that get prime summer time release dates. Sometimes you just want to eat popcorn and watch things blow up. Will you be attending Election Year this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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