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The One Thing Steven Spielberg is Already Promising About Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones 5

With a new Indiana Jones movie in development, everybody is wondering what Steven Spielberg is planning for the aging archaeologist to do. While we don't know those answers yet, there is one thing we know we won't be seeing. Steven Spielberg says that the one thing that won't happen is the death of Indiana Jones. That's a major relief.

The news comes from a major profile on Steven Spielberg on the eve of his newest film, The BFG. The Hollywood Reporter covers pretty much the man's entire career, everything he's ever done, and everything he plans to do, including Ready Player One and the newest entry in the Indiana Jones franchise. The director says he will not reveal any plot details, which, for what it's worth, seems to imply that such details exist, but he does tell them one thing which is actually quite valuable.

The one thing I will tell you is I'm not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it.

While we wouldn't necessarily have expected the death of Indiana Jones in the new movie, it's still good to know it won't be happening. One of the many things wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the film's attempt to set up a new actor as an heir apparent for Indy. The fact that said actor was Shia LeBeouf didn't help matters. While not killing off Indy doesn't prevent them from trying something like that again, either (shudder) with Shia, or somebody else, killing off Indiana Jones would essentially be an announcement that Disney was planning to reboot the series, since we know they're not going to end it. Keeping Indy alive, at the very least, increases the odds that there are no plans to make any drastic changes to the formula, other than possibly adding space aliens back into the mix.

In addition to the return of Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, the only other thing we know for sure is that John Williams will be back to score the film. His march written for the original Raiders of the Lost Ark has become one of the most iconic themes in film history, it belongs right alongside...well...most of the other themes the man has written in his career. It's difficult to imagine anybody else writing music for the man in the hat.

What does the news that Indiana Jones will survive his next adventure mean to you? Does it take away some of the drama knowing that he'll make it through, or was his survival such a guarantee that this really isn't much of a surprise? Let us know what you think down below.

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