While Pixar has made a number of sequels that have gone the traditional route with their leads -- putting characters like Woody, Buzz, Mike, and Sully back in the spotlight -- both Cars 2 and Finding Dory are different, in that they almost could be considered spin-offs. In each case, a popular supporting character from the first movie winds up getting their own special adventure. This got us thinking -- what other supporting characters from Pixar history could carry their own film?

That thinking turned into a list that you will find spread out across the next few pages. Read our picks, and tell us your favorites/your own choices in the comments section below!


Of all the characters on this list, Dug from Up is the one character with which I'm honestly surprised Pixar hasn't done more. Beyond his part in the Pete Docter movie, he had the titular role in the home video short Dug's Special Mission, but that isn't much more than an explanation as to what happened to the dumb-but-lovable dog in the run-up to his run-in with Carl Fredricksen and Russell. The Bob Peterson-voiced golden retriever is a great and inventive take on the classic talking dog cliché, and the reality is that he's a character you could watch on any kind of adventure and enjoy. Dug stuck in a western? Sure. Dug in a space ship stuck in space? Why not. Dug and his bird pal Kevin paired up in a take on buddy cops. We'll take it.

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