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7 Pixar Side Characters Who Could Carry Their Own Movie

While Pixar has made a number of sequels that have gone the traditional route with their leads -- putting characters like Woody, Buzz, Mike, and Sully back in the spotlight -- both Cars 2 and Finding Dory are different, in that they almost could be considered spin-offs. In each case, a popular supporting character from the first movie winds up getting their own special adventure. This got us thinking -- what other supporting characters from Pixar history could carry their own film?

That thinking turned into a list that you will find spread out across the next few pages. Read our picks, and tell us your favorites/your own choices in the comments section below!

Dug Up


Of all the characters on this list, Dug from Up is the one character with which I'm honestly surprised Pixar hasn't done more. Beyond his part in the Pete Docter movie, he had the titular role in the home video short Dug's Special Mission, but that isn't much more than an explanation as to what happened to the dumb-but-lovable dog in the run-up to his run-in with Carl Fredricksen and Russell. The Bob Peterson-voiced golden retriever is a great and inventive take on the classic talking dog cliché, and the reality is that he's a character you could watch on any kind of adventure and enjoy. Dug stuck in a western? Sure. Dug in a space ship stuck in space? Why not. Dug and his bird pal Kevin paired up in a take on buddy cops. We'll take it.

Eve Wall-E


In the same way that Finding Dory shifted character focus after Finding Nemo, Eve would be a pretty easy sell as the central protagonist of a future Wall-E follow-up. The Andrew Stanton film certainly gave her a great, classic arc, transforming from an emotionless (literal) robot to being more open and free, and a sequel could take that even further. After all, Wall-E really knows his way around on Earth, while Eve would potentially lost in the re-growing world. She has just as much protagonist potential as her little trash compactor companion, and just because of the nature of the character, it would be great to see what the minds at Pixar could come up with in terms of a unique and fitting storyline.

Rex Toy Story 3


Rex is actually one of the few characters not named "Woody" or "Buzz" to get his own lead part in a Toy Story-related project -- landing his own little short in the form of 2012's Partysaurus Rex -- and we wouldn't say no to more. The Wallace Shawn-voiced dinosaur is classically known as the most timid and excitable member of the Toy Story gang, and that makes him a perfect candidate for an adventure with high stakes that pushes Rex to his limits. We got a taste of the potential with his video game antics in Toy Story 2, and the series has also already introduced a perfect companion for him in Kristen Schaal's Trixie. We know that he will be back in action with a supporting role in the upcoming Toy Story 4, but who knows what the future could hold.

Frozone Incredibles


In a world where superhero movies reign supreme at the box office, this one is really a no-brainer. Sure, we already have Brad Bird slowly working on an Incredibles 2, but we wouldn't mind seeing the franchise potentially expand beyond the titular family and have a film following the ice power-wielding Frozone. The Samuel L. Jackson-voiced character in _Incredibles _is universally recognized as one of the great side characters in Pixar's filmography, and while the first movie mostly had him palling around vigilante-style with Mr. Incredible, and helping in the battle against Syndrome, we'd love to see him go out on his own high-stakes adventure. Does he have his very own arch-nemesis? What is his side career when he's not a superhero? What's his wife, Honey, going to think of the anti-vigilante laws potentially becoming less restrictive? We'd love to see a spin-off that answers all these questions and more.

Bing Bong Inside Out

Bing Bong

Of all the potential projects you'll find here, this is the only one that would actually have to be a prequel. Richard Kind's Bing Bong didn't survive the runtime of Pete Docter's Inside Out, sacrificing himself and being forgotten so that Joy could escape the Memory Dump, but we'd love to see a feature centered around him and his relationship with young Riley. Why? Because unlike any of the other characters in Inside Out, Bing Bong is one who could actually manifest himself both inside Riley's mind and in reality (or at least Riley's perception of reality). This simple fact could be a gateway to a new and inventive tale from the folks at Pixar that analyzes another interesting time in childhood development and would leave plenty of material available for both the human the central emotion characters from the first film.

Emile Ratatouille


Like his brother Remy, Peter Sohn's Emile in Ratatouille is quite like other rats. On beyond his seemingly insatiable appetite, he also happens to be one of the few enlightened and open-minded rodents out there -- actually listening to his brother and trying his hardest to help in any way that he can. He's not the smartest, and he's not the most patient, but he clearly has a few extra gears turning upstairs, and would make an easy candidate to carry his own movie. Remy clearly has an advanced palate for a rat, so is possible that Emile also has something that makes him particularly special? If Pixar were to announce a film in development that explores an answer to that question, I'd definitely give it a thumbs up (particularly if Brad Bird were once again at the helm).

Jessie Toy Story 2


Like Rex, the Joan Cusack-voiced Jessie is another Toy Story character who has actually gotten to be at the helm of her own non-feature -- specifically the 2013 televised Halloween special Toy Story of Terror! -- but also like with Rex, it's just evidence that she can work as a central protagonist. Audiences first fell in love with the excitable cowgirl when she was first introduced in Toy Story 2, and between her devastating tale of being abandoned by her owner, Emily, and the fantastic ever-budding relationship between her and Buzz Lightyear, she has a special place in our hearts. Jessie may wind up having a sizable role in the upcoming Toy Story 4, which will have Woody looking for Bo Peep (leaving a good mirror story available for Jessie and Buzz), we could easily see her taking on her own lead role in the future.

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