The Frozen Ride At Disney Already Has An Insanely Long Line


With summer officially upon us, lots of families will be packing their bags and heading out for vacation. That means thousands of people will most likely be heading to Disney World to enjoy some rides, meet some beloved children's characters and pay for really overpriced food. If you plan on going to Disney World this summer, then you might want to head over to one of its newest attractions: "Frozen Ever After." It seems like lots of people had that idea. Based on the smash hit film Frozen, the theme park ride opened its doors for the first time today and the line to even get inside is over a 300-minute wait.

According to Fox 8, the line for the Frozen themed ride is at least five hours long. The wait could actually be longer than that because 300 is the highest number the wait boards can show. That means some families are waiting over five hours to go on a ride that is more than likely around five minutes long. Earlier in the morning, the ride was going through "technical difficulties" for the first few hours of operations, according to some tweets, so that probably didn't help the wait.

While Frozen is inarguably popular, it's important to know that this ride is located in Epcot, the kid's summer bummer at Disney. It's mainly educational-based attractions that teach kids things like science and other cultures. Useful lessons for sure, but not exactly a riveting way to spend one of your precious few days at Disney World. The Frozen ride's competition ranges from "The American Adventure," where Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain teach history, and "O' Canada!" a film about our neighbors to the north in 360° so you can't look away. "Frozen Ever After" is one of the few rides at Epcot based on a Disney film, so it makes sense kids would be willing to put up with a five-hour wait if it meant getting out of seeing "The Mexico Folk Art Gallery."

"Frozen Ever After" is located in the Norway section of Epcot, where it replaces "Maelstrom," which taught the history of Vikings. The locations and design of Frozen were based in Norway, explaining why the ride is located at Epcot. The attraction consists of a boat ride that takes you into the world of Frozen, where characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are brought to life through robotics and special effects. Though there have been plenty of Frozen themed shows at Disney World, this marks the first ride for the animated film. A Frozen ride may not fit the themes of Epcot perfectly, but you can't argue with lines out the door.

Matt Wood

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