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The modern remake of Pete's Dragon promises to be fun for all ages, whether you've seen the 1977 original, or are completely new to the story. While the original was a period piece set at the turn of the 20th century, the new remake is a 1980's tinged film that has its era written all over it. Nowhere else is this more evident than in the new TV spot for the film, which you can watch below.

Our latest, and probably best, look at the David Lowery picture came from Disney themselves, as they released this video in time for the fourth of July weekend. Considering Finding Dory is still riding high from a threepeat at his weekend's box-office, as well as the possibility of this trailer running in front of Pixar's latest blockbuster, this is very excellent timing for those who would see the film succeed in its late August release.

In addition to the new footage included, we do get our first hint towards something rather interesting: the film will contain a new song. In fact, this new tune sounds like it's sung by the lead of Pete's Dragon, up-and-coming young actor Oakes Fegley. Though with lyrics like, "Go north, go north, with wings on your feet / North with the wind, where the three rivers meet," it starts to sound like Pete found his dragon in a Lord of the Rings film, rather than the Pacific Northwest woods he inhabited for six years. Which means if you have any Karl Urban jokes you'd like to get out, now's the time to do so.

All joking aside, Pete's Dragon's new song is actually a pretty catchy tune, in addition to being a fitting tribute to the original film's more musically themed nature. Much like this year's re-interpretation of The Jungle Book, this new spin on the tale of a boy and his mythical beast of a guardian is paying tribute to its predecessor, while also becoming its own thing altogether. Though with all of the changes and updates made to the picture, we still have to wonder whether the dragon itself will speak, or if we'll be given a silent, more emotive counterpart for the modern age.

It's anyone guess whether Pete's Dragon will hold up to the remake process as well as Cinderella, or even Maleficent. But come August 12th, we'll find out how well the world receives this jolly green giant.

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