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It's no secret that movies based upon video game franchises seldom do very well critically or commercially. One of the only series that has ever managed to even remotely escape that curse is the cult classic Tomb Raider franchise. However, as is the fashion in Hollywood, even those films will soon receive a breath of fresh air, with Alicia Vikander filling Angelina Jolie's empty boots. Not much is known about the upcoming reboot, but we finally know when the film will actually hit theaters.

A new report from Deadline states that the upcoming Tom Raider reboot will debut in theaters on March 16, 2018. The Deadline article also further confirms that Alicia Vikander will play the titular role of Laura Croft as a younger, unseasoned raider of tombs -- not dissimilar to the recent video game reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. Although March seems a little early in the year for a major tent pole action movie like this, Warner Bros' recent release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a similar March slot proves that they have no qualms against releasing a potential blockbuster outside of the summer season.


One of the interesting things to note about this date is that it seems to also coincide with the release of a major DC film -- widely believed to be the Ezra Miller fronted Flash solo movie. At this point, it remains unclear as to whether or not Warner Bros plans to release both films simultaneously or delay The Flash in order to give it a release date closer to the summer season. Considering the behind-the-scenes shakeups that have recently taken place on the Scarlet Speedster's solo outing, our money is on WB delaying The Flash in order to give Tomb Raider the March slot.


The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot joins the ranks of other video game adaptations that seem intent on finally breaking the video game film curse. In addition to Alicia Vikander's role as Laura Croft, we will also get an adaptation of the Assassin's Creed franchise fronted by Michael Fassbender -- who coincidentally is currently in a relationship with Vikander. Considering the pedigree of talent popping up in these new adaptations, it's abundantly clear that movie studios want to finally invest in video game movies that audiences might actually respond to. We've come a long way since the days of the Uwe Boll movies, haven't we?

We here at Cinema Blend will keep you up to date with any and all information concerning the upcoming Tomb Raider movie as it becomes available to us. Alicia Vikander will debut as the legendary, archaeological badass on March 16, 2018.

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