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It's just a short week away from the premiere of Star Trek Beyond and the movie is amping up its marketing. The film has already offered a few different cool ways that fans can watch it, such as an epic marathon or a premiere at Comic-Con, but this latest stunt might be the coolest yet. Star Trek Beyond will be pushing the boundary's of the theater going experience and will be offering an immersive three-screen experience at select theaters. This event comes from Barco Escape, who have put together a trailer to give you an idea of what the experience would be like.

Barco Escape is a company that has created an entirely new way to watch movies. Instead of the action unfolding on one screen, it takes place on three, offering a panoramic view of the movie. It's basically like the movie is enveloping you in a cocoon of sound and laser blasts. Star Trek Beyond is the latest movie to be offered in this way, with the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials also having gotten the three screen treatment. It's only happening at a select number of theaters, so check out the list here to see if one of those theaters is near you.

For those worried at having to pay attention to three screens at once, don't worry because you won't have to. The movie only ever takes up three screens during select scenes, most likely ones that involve huge action sequences. It's not like Kirk will be on one screen talking to Spock on the other; you won't have to crane your neck throughout the entire movie to see what's going on.

I can't think of any other movies this summer that would benefit from this treatment as well as Star Trek Beyond. Perhaps Jason Bourne, but the space battles and all around coolness of sci-fi lends itself more to this format. It's sounds awesome to be surrounded by the Enterprise in a dogfight, with laser blast rocketing all over the theater. It's like IMAX on steroids.

This is just another way fans can watch Star Trek Beyond outside of a normal theater. There's going to be a marathon of all the Kelvin timeline Star Trek films, ending with an early screening of Star Trek Beyond. Then there's the special premiere happening over at San Diego Comic-Con. Fans can get a chance to attend the premiere of the film, which will have appearances from the stars and a live orchestra. Combine that with the early and very positive reception for the film and Star Trek buzz is at an all-time high.

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin from a screenplay written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. The film is hitting theaters next week on July 22.

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