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Sometimes the tensions in the real world can be affected by what's on the big screen. A film's subject matter can become a national news story and people will either sing its praise or boycott it into oblivion. Something similar happened in 2014 when Sony Pictures was hacked by the group "Guardians of Peace" - allegedly sponsored by North Korea - for the representation of its leader Kim Jong-un in the film The Interview. Now Liam Neeson worries that a similar reaction could happen when his Korean film Operation Chromite hits theaters.

Liam Neeson will be appearing in the Koren film Operation Chromite, an action film that looks at the real-life Battle of Inchon during the Korean War in the 1950's. The Battle of Inchon was a United Nations-led operation that saw the South Koreans take back their capital of Seol from the North Korea. Liam Neeson plays the mastermind of the attack, General Douglas MacArthur, who made the tough decision to undergo the operation even though it was extremely risky. It was a big loss for North Korea, which is why Neeson is worried that there might be some "real life" peril fro this movie. Neeson expressed these thoughts during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

North Korea and South Korea signed an armistice in 1953 and both countries are still essentially at war. It's a horrifying situation and in light of very recent events [such as the Sony hack] we are all, not just as filmmakers, but as citizens of this world, very concerned.

Liam Neeson doesn't explicitly say that a hack will be the preferred form of retaliation, but he believes it to be a possibility. As to why North Korea would care about Operation Chromite, the film could showcase a piece of their history they don't really want to think about. If North Korea is willing to hack Sony and leak dozens of confidential emails over a film as silly as The Interview, then Neeson's concern over Operation Chromite (which is something that actually happened) doesn't seem unfounded.

The Taken actor went on to say that he didn't regret getting the opportunity to make the film. Not a whole lot of Western actors get the chance to make a Korean film and it was something Neeson was very aware of. He also wanted to play the great General MacArthur who he compared to his character from Schindler's List.

You can check out the trailer for Operation Chromite below and see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Operation Chromite will see a limited release in the U.S. in August of this year. The film will also be released globally and appear in China, the U.K., Germany, and the Middle East.

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