A lot going on this week with some moms breaking bad, teenagers hitting a nerve, and an old friend back to fight the government. Get ready for Bad Moms, Jason Bourne and Nerve. It's gonna be a Rotten Week!

Rotten Watch Prediction

Oh Jason, how I've missed you. No one's been on your side more than me. I never miss an opportunity to catch you on cable, and I'll be with you until you turn over every rock from your past. Couldn't be more excited to have you back.

There's a reason the Bourne movies all rate so well with critics (Identity - 83% Supremacy - 81%, Ultimatum - 93%). For starters, Matt Damon is excellent in the titular role as a supersoldier-turned-rogue agent. But it's also because the Bourne movies very much stay in their lane. They rarely delve too deeply into side characters or love stories. There's hints here and there, but we mainly stay the course. Heavy on action, kick-ass fighting scenes, a big budget high speed chase (or two), some shady government intrigue and call it a day. That's the formula, and it works.

I'm not positive how many times we can keep going to the well with the "You think you know everything Jason? You don't know everything Jason" idea. But it looks like they're going to give it a shot with number four. I'm all in. Paul Greengrass has helmed the last two Damon-led Bourne movies while also throwing a Captain Phillips (93%) in there. So we know we're in good hands.

This time Jason's back out of hiding to uncover yet another government cover-up/plot whatever. Who cares really? We can guess the beats and that's fine. The Bourne movies are excellent, and this one looks no different.

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