Suicide Squad's Director Already Had To Apologize To Marvel Studios, Here's Why

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Last night was Suicide Squad's big world premiere in New York, and it went off without a hitch. Well, ok, maybe one hitch was to be had. You see, someone in the audience yelled, "Fuck Marvel," and, in the heat of the moment director David Ayer repeated it. However, just as quickly as it happened, Ayer tried to make things right, as he issued the tweet of apology below:

David Ayer delivered the above apology through his official Twitter feed, and it was pretty quick considering that the event happened earlier this evening. Come to think of it, this tweet is the first notice we actually got that this minor snafu even happened. So in one neat little package, Ayer drew attention to a potentially controversial happening, and diffused it with a comment that is meant to have only the best intentions in mind when it comes to relations between the Suicide Squad director and his other film-making colleagues.

So now, the attention of the world will be turned to the one obvious subject that will be mentioned at least five times between today and Suicide Squad's opening on Friday: what's the public reaction going to be towards David Ayer's words So far, there's been a mixed bag of folks that are wavering between both camps, but there seems to be a slight edge to those in the crowd that feel Ayer shouldn't even be apologizing to the folks at Marvel Studios. This really isn't that surprising, considering both sides of the Marvel Studios and DC Comics coin have had some choice words about the competition in the past.

Most notably, in the early days of the DC / Marvel feud, there's been words from both Robert Downey Jr. against the DC Comics camp and Wally Pfister speaking up against Marvel Studios' game. If anything, it looks like the feud between the two hasn't been as easily aired in the press as it was in those older days. Though that could always change with David Ayer's spur of the moment remarks, as anyone who's interviewing both DC and Marvel hot-shots will obviously be writing questions that will seek out a reaction to this news in the coming days.

While the apology definitely seems legit, and the right move on Ayer's part, it just might spark some new conflict between the two titans of filmed comic book entertainment. Should this come to pass, the question of whether there's such a good thing as good or bad intentions is being debated.

Suicide Squad comes to save the day, or at least walk away with the weekend's top slot, on Friday.

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