The Don’t Breathe Red Band Trailer Is Absolutely Horrifying, Check It Out

The big horror movie that seems to have everyone's attention this month is Don't Breathe, a film where three teenagers break into the home of a blind man who proves he's not so defenseless in horrific ways. The film terrified audiences when it premiered at the SXSW festival earlier this year, and now it hopes to do the same for the rest of the world later this month. The film has just released a new red band trailer filled with suspense and violence. Check it out below.

Yeah, these kids really did fuck up, didn't they?

This is an incredibly suspenseful trailer. It's filled with some very off putting cuts, all accentuated by specific beats of sound- playing to the fact that sound is how The Blind Man tracks the kids. It doesn't do much to sell the narrative of the story (that was the first trailers job), but it does show just what a hellish night these kids are in for. Perhaps the number one thing to glean from this trailer is that the blind man might be harboring some dark secrets inside his house. People don't usually have vats of black goo sitting around. This would explain why he's so quick to murder these would be robbers; they might have seen something they shouldn't have.

Don't Breathe is about a trio of delinquent kids - led by Jane Levy's Rocky - who break into the home of a blind man in the hopes of an easy score. However, they pick literally the worst blind man in the world to rob, and it becomes an intense game of cat and mouse as The Blind Man hunts down Rocky and Andrew (Dylan Minnette). The film also stars Daniel Zavatto and Stephen Lang as The Blind Man. Lang has been campaigning to play Cable in Deadpool 2 - though future Avatar movies somehow get in the way of that - and if this trailer proves anything, he would certainly bring a level of ferocity to the role.

The film is directed and written by Fede Alvarez. If you've ever seen Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead (also starring Jane Levy) then that should give you an idea of the level of gore and violence that's in store for Don't Breathe. Supposedly, that movie made Levy get an ear infection from the sheer amount of fake blood they would drench her in. I don't know if the gore in Don't Breathe is ear infection level, but it's sure to be just as violent, suspenseful, and psychologically trippy.

Don't Breathe is scheduled to hit theaters later this month on August 26, so keep it here at Cinema Blend and we'll keep you updated with any new information.

Matt Wood

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