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the incredibles 2

Disney and Pixar are champions at creating interesting and dynamic animated features that will usually reduce you to tears by the end of it. And while they're all pretty great movies which make tons of money, it now appears that the House of Mouse is mostly interested in producing animated sequels, rather than original stories. Now that Finding Dory has come in and made insane money at the box office, it's time to look forward to future sequels. One of the more mysterious upcoming Disney/Pixar movies is The Incredibles 2, which has slowly been developing recently.

Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with The Incredibles director and writer Brad Bird, and asked him about where the long-awaited sequel currently stands. While remaining fairly tight-lipped, he said the following:

I don't like unwrapping presents before Christmas. It's very actively moving, and we're excited about it. [We're] trying to take it in some new directions. Hopefully it's the same characters and feel, but going in a new direction. I mean, that's the trick with a sequel. It's repeating yourself, without repeating yourself.

It certainly seems like Brad Bird and the folks at Disney/Pixar have their hands full with developing a sequel for The Incredibles. Sequels are generally less successful than their predecessors, and it's also tricky to bring back characters that were originated over a decade ago.

The Incredibles was released back in 2004, and focused on an suburban family with superpowers. The parental figures, voiced impressively by Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter, are former superheroes who go into hiding and pretend to be normal people after heroes begin being persecuted. The story then picks up years later, as they've had three super powered kids and an important mission brings them out of retirement. The voice cast also includes Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson.

It should be interesting to see how The Incredibles 2 continues the narrative established in the first film. Will be seeing the family in the various ages we last saw them, or will there be a time jump? The team had only just official formed by the end of the original, so it would definitely be fun to see the family fighting crime together, including the adorable Jack-Jack. Then again, it might be nice to take the jump forward in time and see what happened to the characters later in life. Were they eventually persecuted as the old heroes were? Or did they make it safer to be super?

All I know is that I'm going to need lots of Samuel L. Jackson's Frozone and his unseen wife Honey. Their scene toward the first movie's conclusion is by far the funniest in the whole movie, as Frozone attempts to find his super suit, much to his wife's chagrin.

Are you excited for the Incredibles 2, or should they have left the first one alone? Sound off in the comments below.