From what we've been able to gather from the news that has broken out about the Gambit movie over the years, it seems that the idea for the project was initially hatched by producer Lauren Schuler Donner. She met with Channing Tatum, the two decided that they wanted to work together on a Gambit movie, and as a result a film was put into development. This is a pretty ordinary beginning, but in the time since then the movie has been dealt some serious blows, from major delays to devastating drop-outs. It's been so rough, in fact, that we wonder if it might just be time to give up on the whole thing completely.

With Gambit recently suffering yet another big setback this week, we got to thinking about the film's potential, and wonder if it's even worth all of the trouble that it's giving the studio. In fact, we say it's time to cut bait. Read on for our reasons why!

It clearly can't hold on to a director

The search for a director has been a major problem for the Gambit production for a shockingly long time now. First it took a surprisingly long time for the movie to even find a director, and then just a few months after hiring Rupert Wyatt, he quit the project over creative differences. And while Fox hired Doug Liman to direct the film shortly thereafter, the most recent news about the project is that Liman has left to go make DC's Dark Justice instead.

Given that we don't have somebody listening in on the various Gambit production meetings, we can't say why Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman decided to leave the film... but it certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture, does it? Right now, the search is on for another director to make the movie, but given all of the drama that's happened behind the scenes, it's hard not to think that the people at the studio and behind the X-Men franchise would be better utilizing their time and energy starting development on a different mutant-driven comic book blockbuster.

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