Paramedics Were Called To A Movie Theater Screening A Grisly New Horror Movie


When going to see a horror movie, folks already have some expectations going in: they're going to be scared (hence the 'horror'), and in most cases, it's going to be a gory affair. Such was the case with Raw (a.k.a. Grave), the terrifying movie that premiered late Monday night at the Toronto International Film Festival. However, what many, if not any, didn't anticipate was that the movie would be so shocking that paramedics had to show up.

Raw played last night at Toronto's Midnight Madness screening, and while no specific details about what scene was show at the time, evidently it was so off-the-charts grisly that according to social media postings from people at the movie (as collected by Bloody Disgusting), at least one audience member passed out.

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Eventually an ambulance was called to take care of the injured party, who may or may not have also vomited. It's unclear exactly how many people had problems, but either way, Raw evidently gives its due to the horror genre. That's great for fans...well, except for the ones who got sick during that screening.

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While on the surface, Raw may look like a zombie story, where an undead human starts feasting on the flesh of others, it's anything but. No, Raw follows the 16-year-old Justine, a vegetarian who just enrolled in veterinary school. Unfortunately, her first days are anything but pleasant, as she finds herself going through the school's traditional hazing rituals. One of her "initiation rites" requires her to eat a raw rabbit liver, and soon after she hesitantly does so, that's when her life goes to hell. A rash starts developing all over her body, she's more prone to aggression and worst of all, she's developed on insatiable taste for human flesh. As Justine deals with her struggle to maintain control, she'll also find herself fighting with her older, more successful sister, Alexia, which, according to the plot synopsis, will lead to a "gruesome showdown." So yeah, Raw promises plenty of cannibalistic insanity and other horrors. No wonder someone passed out!

Directed by Julia Ducournau, Raw is slated for a wide release in France on March 15, 2017. There hasn't been any word yet on how the movie will be distributed on the United States, but those attending Fantastic Fest later this month will be able to check it out. That said, assuming Raw is as shocking as we're led to believe and will get released in some U.S. theaters, it will be interesting to see if gets away with an R rating or finds itself with the much-dreaded NC-17. Maybe this particular story is better suited for streaming or video on demand.

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