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Those who pay close attention to the Hollywood landscape will have realized that we're about to enter in one of the most exciting time of the year for movies: awards season. This annual event features outstanding films and performances which are released in order to qualify for the various awards which will be given out starting in November. One such film is Fences, based off of the August Wilson play of the same name and directed by Denzel Washington.

The fist teaser for Fences has just been released, and it features some outstanding performances by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis- hinting strongly at some nominations for the duo. Check it out.

Whether or not you're familiar with the the source material, you can't deny that this teaser really packed an emotional punch. In addition to our introduction to Denzel Washington's character Troy and his hardened exterior, we were also shown a bit of the dynamic and captivating performance by Viola Davis- complete with her signature crying snot drip.

Fences is an adaptation of August Wilson's play of the same name. The Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning play revolves around the 53 year old Troy and his family in the 1950's. While he used to dream big, Troy has lost the spark of life and excitement, and works a job he doesn't particularly care for. While he used to have dreams of being a professional baseball player, institutionalized racism prevented this due to the color barrier not being broken in the MLB. He eventually took a job collecting trash, and began his family while living in Pittsburgh.

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Like many of August Wilson's plays, Fences focuses on the black experience in America. And because the play is set in the 50's, we are given a harsh reminder of the discrimination which people of color were subject to, and how recently these institutions were used in the country. Furthermore, Troy's relationship to his son Cory is sure to be relatable to those in a generation divide. While Troy wants the best for his son, he can't help but resent him for the opportunities which he was simply born too early to experience.

Viola Davis and Denzel Washington are sure to give some insanely moving performances in Fences, especially considering their relationship to the play. Both actors starred in the Broadway revival of Fences in 2010. In fact, Davis and Washington each won Tony Awards for their performances, and the play won Best Revival. With Denzel Washington directing the movie adaptation using the late August Wilsons' words, it's sure to be a faithful adaptation of the popular play.

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