It used to be that October was a month that brought a couple of movies that really delivered, but ultimately, it was still a time frame that was leading to something bigger in November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas). But over the past couple of years, through a glut of both prestige offerings and blockbusters that couldn't find a place in the usual tentpole seasons, the month has turned into a hell of a money maker. Which means that we now have something to look forward to, or in the case of our list 11 "somethings," in the coming month of film releases. How many of these upcoming films will you be seeing?

The Birth of a Nation

With the festival circuit fired up about The Birth of a Nation, the awards buzz is starting to climb. On top of that, the first looks at Nate Parker's retelling of the Nat Turner Rebellion have garnered some buzz from the online movie-going community, as this film looks to start some pretty deep conversations about historical events and their modern context. But above all else, Parker's film looks like an incendiary debut, with style and carnage to spare, and that has us more interested than anything else.

Release Date: 10/7

The Girl on the Train

On the surface, The Girl on the Train looks like a Gone Girl cash grab. Let's just all admit we've thought it once or twice before when we saw the actual trailer. Now that we're starting to see additional trailers and TV spots for the film, it's definitely an animal all its own. In fact, the whole central mystery surrounding Emily Blunt's character basically investigating herself is something that has us intrigued. Because if we can't trust ourselves, who can we trust?

Release Date: 10/7

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