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Rocket Groot

Despite the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand and interconnect its films, it still doesn't shy away from standalone stories every now and then. Doctor Strange is the next film to premiere on the MCU slate, and all of the marketing material seems to indicate that Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange won't interact with too many established Marvel characters. However, that doesn't mean that director Scott Derrickson doesn't want to see such a meeting take place. According to the director: he really wants to see The Sorcerer Supreme meet Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

During a recent Reddit AMA session, fans asked Scott Derrickson to name the MCU character that he wants Stephen Strange to meet. As it turns out, he's incredibly interested in seeing The Sorcerer Supreme meet Rocket Raccoon and Groot at some point in the near future. Honestly, we wholeheartedly agree.

Doctor Strange meeting Groot and Rocket Raccoon would definitely represent a moment that Marvel fans would remember forever. Rocket and Groot are two of the weirdest aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that weirdness would undoubtedly work brilliantly with the bizarre and mystical world of Doctor Strange. Aside from that, Benedict Cumberbatch has a proven knack for comedy, so his ability to wisecrack would be a welcome addition to the interstellar buddy comedy of Rocket and Groot.

Of course, it's obviously worth noting that we will almost certainly see this meeting take place within the next few years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has pretty much been building to the major Infinity War arc -- which will finally unfold in 2018 -- and as such, we can likely expect to see the Guardians of the Galaxy meet the heroes of Earth when they team up to take down Thanos.

Everett Ross Civil War

That being said, the fans on Reddit appear to have plenty of other opinions on this matter. One of the most interesting suggestions is the idea of having Martin Freeman's Everett Ross (who debuted during the events of Civil War) meet up with Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange for a good, old-fashioned Sherlock reunion at some point. Get Robert Downey Jr. involved and Marvel would have a Sherlock Holmes trifecta on its hands.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details related to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as more information becomes available to us. Doctor Strange will finally make his debut in the MCU on November 4, and you will be able to check out Rocket and Groot when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5, 2017.

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