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Jimmy Kimmel

The Academy Awards has found its next host, choosing to keep it in the ABC family while also "calling up" a proven talent who has toiled away on Emmy and ESPY telecasts. Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2017 Academy Awards.

Variety has broken the news, stating that Jimmy Kimmel -- who routinely hosts a post-Oscars live telecast -- will preside over the 89th annual Academy Awards, which are scheduled to be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017. The pick makes sense, from a variety of angles, As we pointed out, Kimmel's an ABC guy (the network airs the telecast), who has been taking gigs at subsequent awards shows to hone his hosting skills and put together a resume, of sorts. That being said, Jimmy Kimmel is a pure television guy with next to no movie credibility, and the Oscars rarely go for that when hiring a host for arguably the biggest night in the film industry.

That being said, I cover this beat for CinemaBlend, and I honestly had to think about who hosted the Oscars last year for about 10 minutes before I landed on Chris Rock. Then I Googled it, and I was right. The point being that unless it's a colossal disaster (like Anne Hathaway and James Franco) or a controversial decision (like Seth MacFarlane), the Academy Awards host has become a vanilla topic over the years. Some do well, like Ellen Degeneres. Some miss their mark, like Neil Patrick Harris on his most recent attempt. And many believe it should just be Billy Crystal, year after year.

This begs the question: Why do you watch the Oscars? Is it for the host? Or is it because you are rooting for a particular film, performance, director or franchise? Many, I think, tune in to see who wins, though they'll pay attention to the opening monologue.

And in that instance, I don't know how Jimmy Kimmel will do. I don't watch his show, I didn't see him host the Emmys in 2012 or 2016. I'm sure he'll be fine. Seems like a safe choice. A little uninspiring. I'm more concerned with the films that will be asked to contend for Best Picture at the moment, but you guys tell me. How do you feel about the choice of Kimmel as Oscar host. Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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