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Which Christmas Movies The Office Christmas Party Cast Watches Every Year

Office Christmas Party

We're now at the time of year where it's socially acceptable to scream, "It's Christmas!!!" in strangers' faces. Of course, people have different rituals that they undergo in order to get into the Christmas spirit. This not only includes attending one's office Christmas party, but also sitting down to watch their favorite festive films too. But what are the go-to Christmas movies for the actual cast of Office Christmas Party? Over the weekend I sat down to ask Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Courtney B. Vance and directors Will Speck & Josh Gordon that very question.

Jason Bateman admitted to me that his Christmas movie selection is now dictated by his two young daughters, while at the same time revealing that he's also pined to do a Christmas movie. Jason Bateman explained,

Well I am just a boring old dad now with a couple of little girls, so I'm really into The Grinch, and they're not yet old enough to see the beauty and nuance in It's A Wonderful Life, but they will. Scrooged is a great one, because Bill Murray is the sort of the American version of the King. Elf is pretty great, Will Ferrell just can't do any wrong in my eyes. There's a bunch of really good ones. I've always wanted to do a Christmas movie.

When I quizzed the directing team of Josh Gordon and Will Speck about their favorite Christmas movies, the former took the reigns of the question, revealing that there was a variety from the genre that he is a huge fan of. Josh Gordon remarked,

We're big fans of everything from A Christmas Story, to Planes, Trains And Automobiles, to Elf, even Love, Actually, we have that side to ourselves. [With Office Christmas Party] we wanted to make a loud, brash R-rated Christmas movie for adults that also delivers a holiday message

Meanwhile, T.J. Miller revealed that he planned on spending part of his Christmas with John McClane this year, while Courtney B. Vance returns to one of his most treasured films on an annual basis. The duo answered,

_T.J. Miller: _I like watching A Christmas Story, but somebody reminded me that Die Hard is a Christmas film so that's what I'll be watching this year.Courtney B Vance: The Preacher's Wife for me. Because I was in it.T.J. Miller: Every year at each holiday he watches a movie that relates to the holiday that he was in. OJ Simpson is going to be Halloween. He's going to re-watch this Halloween.

You can check out the full answers from my Office Christmas Party interviews with Jason Bateman, Josh Gordon, T.J. Miller and Courtney B. Vance by clicking play below!

Office Christmas Party will be in cinemas from tomorrow, December 9th.