The following story is LOADED with spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so STOP reading now if you have yet to see the film, and come back later, when you can read freely.

Films come together over a long period of time, from scripting to shooting, from editing to post-production. Scenes get reworked. Sequences get cut. And every once in a while, moments from trailers (particularly early teases) end up on the cutting room floor... or changed altogether.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is now in theaters, is not immune to this occurrence. Nevermind all of the conversations about reshoots -- which are common on virtually EVERY major blockbuster -- there's an inordinate number of shots and speeches that propped up early marketing materials for Gareth Edwards' standalone Star Wars story that didn't make it anywhere near the final cut. Most of them could pass as extensions of scenes that we DO get in the final movie. But one, specifically, is a bait-and-switch that promised a tantalizing confrontation that never happened. Let's start there:

The TIE Fighter

This one makes me angry. Because it's deliberately teasing a battle that doesn't occur. And yet, Jyn (Felicity Jones) walking out to the mis-aligned antenna to beam the Death Star plans to the rebellion is a moment that really happens. Only, there is no TIE fighter in the shot. She isn't taking on a TIE fighter singlehandedly, as the first Rogue One trailer implied. ILM likely just wiped the ship out of frame. But why? This shot promises a stellar confrontation, and when it DIDN'T happen in the finished movie, I was beyond disappointed. Were you?

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