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The One Song Taron Egerton Wishes He Was Able To Sing In Sing

Taron Egerton Sing

Garth Jennings' Sing is a delightful piece of whimsical animation that your entire family will enjoy. The wonderful new film features an absolutely all-star cast, some beautiful computer-generated characters, and a set list of pop songs that cannot be topped. However, as music is one of the most subjective concepts in the world, certain members of the cast definitely had specific songs that they would've wanted to perform, but simply couldn't. I recently had the chance to talk to Taron Egerton about his role as Johnny in the movie, and he admitted that he would've loved to sing some David Bowie on the film's soundtrack. Egerton said:

What would be good? 'Heroes' by David Bowie. Maybe that would've been a fun one. That'd be cool. That'd be very cool.

During my recent conversation with the endlessly talented Taron Egerton about his work as the lovable Johnny in Garth Jennings' Sing, the up-and-comer told me that he specifically would've wanted to perform David Bowie's "Heroes" on the film's soundtrack if given the opportunity. Although Sing features an insanely diverse and comprehensive library of pop songs, the tracks used in the film were ultimately decided upon relatively early in the film's development, and locked down without much involvement from the actors who provided their vocal talents for the movie. This makes plenty of sense, as the songs very neatly tie into the themes and narrative of the movie. However, knowing that the Kingsman star wanted to sing a David Bowie song has become an enticing prospect that we cannot stop thinking about. Considering Egerton's obvious vocal talent, he would've nailed it.

Including David Bowie on Sing's soundtrack would've also represented an awesome way to pay tribute to the music powerhouse. As most of you already know, David Bowie passed away earlier this year after a long battle with liver cancer. The 69-year-old had become iconic over the course of his lengthy career for his music, as well as a number of legendary acting roles in projects such as Labyrinth, Twin Peaks, and The Prestige -- just to name a few. His eccentric persona turned him into an icon for pop culture, and his recent passing represented a somber watershed moment for fans of his work.

Of course, there's simply no denying that David Bowie's "Heroes" is an absolute classic. Check out the official video for the late music legend's iconic song below:

Taron Egerton did not get the opportunity to perform "Heroes" in Sing, but we remain hopeful that he will at some point in the near future. He has a clear knack for musicals, so let's keep our fingers crossed that one of his future projects will afford him the opportunity to honor David Bowie in grand fashion.

Sing debuts in theaters today. Make sure to check it out!

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