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An entire generation of fans are in a bit of a shock today as we come to terms with the loss of Carrie Fisher. However, the best remedy to heartache is laughter, and Carrie Fisher provided us with plenty of that. Back in 2005, George Lucas received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. Carrie Fisher turned it into the Friar's Club. For four minutes she absolutely roasted the man. It's the laugh we needed. Enjoy.

I feel just the slightest bit better now. Princess Leia was a role model and a hero for many, but make no mistake, Carrie Fisher was something special. She brought the house down that night in 2005. The night was not designed to be a roast. Mark Hamill was reverential that night. Tom Hanks was funny, but not at the expense of Geroge Lucas. This performance was all Carrie Fisher. As with most roasts, and as can be seen in her writing, Carrie Fisher's humor was tinged with honestly. She clearly respected Lucas but that doesn't mean her jokes weren't true.

She opens by making a joke at her own expense, bringing up her alcoholism. She was never afraid to deal with her own personal demons in public. It's one of the things that a lot of people have talked about in the day since we learned of Carrie Fisher's death. Many people have praised her for being so honest about such personal things because it made others going through the same thing feel less alone. Other people got help because Carrie Fisher showed that getting help was ok.

And my god was she funny. She's got the room in the palm of her hand from the moment she makes the first joke. Princess Leia never really got to be funny but Carrie Fisher's sense of humor is just unbelievable. Her talents as a writer have been on display but she could have done stand-up with timing like this. There's no doubt she wrote every word of this four minutes.

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One of the highlights of the promotion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was watching Carrie Fisher do interviews. She never let the Star Wars thing get in the way of her just being herself. She was always there, with her dog, being honest and blunt and funny. It was clear that being Princess Leia was important to Fisher, but she never let that keep her from being true to herself first.

It's going to be tough for so many fans to come to terms with the loss of an icon like Carrie Fisher. However, we can remember that it's ok to laugh too becuase we're pretty sure she'd be giving us all shit for being so sad if we could hear her now.

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