Matthew McConaughey Gets Bald And Naked In Red-Band Gold Trailer

The McConaissance had some bumps in the proverbial road last year with The Sea of Trees and Free State of Jones, but its namesake actor is still trudging along into the new year. Coming off his time in animation with Kubo and the Two Strings and Sing, Matthew McConaughey's most well known 2017 appearance is without a doubt The Dark Tower, where he'll be opposite Idris Elba. But before that, he'll be seen in the Stephen Gaghan-directed feature Gold. And when I say seen, I mean baring all, as evidenced by the movie's new red-band trailer.

If you like your ideal version of Matthew McConaughey to be handsome and dreamy, sorry, you're not getting that in Gold, a story inspired by the Bre-X scandal in 1993. Balding and heavy-set, McConaughey is playing Kenny Wells, a businessman who finds himself in a financial rough spot in 1988. However, his luck changes when he literally strikes gold. There's a lot to take in from the trailer, but its most notable moment when McConaughey's Wells takes a break from his hot tub fun time with Racheal Taylor's character to face down Bruce Greenwood's character, bare butt sticking out and unafraid. It's quite a sight. By the way, the trailer's second most notable moment? Wells petting a frickin' tiger while trying not to lose his cool!

It's worth noting that Matthew McConaughey's heavier figure in Gold isn't a product of Hollywood effects. According to an ET Online report, the actor truly packed on that weight to get into character. This isn't the first time McConaughey has had to go through a massive weight change for a role, as he lost nearly 50 pounds for his role as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. While it's admirable that McConaughey is willing to go that far for his craft, these weight gains and drops surely aren't healthy. Hopefully he is cognizant of this and will opt not to keep this up with future performances.

After losing nearly everything, Gold will see Kenny Wells working with geologist Michael Acosta, played by Édgar Ramírez, to find gold in the jungles of Indonesia. They're successful, with the gold find being called the largest of the decade and adding up to approximately $30 billion. However, with this new wealth comes new enemies, and Wells will try desperately to hang onto the gold he brought back to the United States. The movie also stars Bryce Dallas Howard as Kay, Corey Stoll as Brian Woolf, Toby Kebbell as FBI agent Jennings, Joshua Harto as Lloyd Stanton, Timothy Simons as Jackson and Michael Landes as Binkert.

Gold is currently playing in select cities, and will be widely released on January 27.

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