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Deadpool was a great movie loved by audiences, but it's been surprising how much love it's getting from the end of the year awards as well. The film isn't going to let that goodwill go to waste. They've decided to jump head first into awards season and pitch themselves directly at those that do the voting, but they're doing it with Deadpool style of course.

The video was sent out by Ryan Reynolds himself, via Twitter, where one expects it's meant to entertain fans, but also potentially do the job it mocks, and get the attention of awards voters. Deadpool surprised a lot of people when both Ryan Reynolds and the film itself were nominated for Golden Globe awards. While it failed to capture either one, the film has gone on to earn a nomination from the Writer's Guild of America for its screenplay. While the idea of significant Oscar nominations would have been a joke last February, today, it looks like a distinct possibility.

Winning awards is about more than making the best material. There's a marketing aspect of it as well. The shows and movies that want to win awards put out, in some cases, massive amounts of advertising trying to get their name in front of the right people. If you wander around Southern California, where a lot of the people in the industry live, you'll see posters and billboards offering their film "for your consideration" all over the place.

Deadpool's version of this type of marketing is, of course, done with a sense of humor. It focuses on exactly what went into making Deadpool a movie, though most of what's mentioned isn't exactly accurate. It does make reference to the test footage leak, a move that is single-handedly responsible for the existence of the movie in the first place. If there were awards given for gutsy risks, Deadpool would clearly win that.

Superhero movies have officially become box office gold, but with the exception of Heath Ledger's posthumous Oscar win, they tend to get ignored when awards come around. As unlikely as it seems, it appears that Deadpool may be the movie that changes preconceptions and causes many to look at the genre in an entirely different way. Ryan Reynolds himself has said that Logan, which he has seen some of already, may be poised to do the same.

There's little argument that Deadpool has a fantastically written screenplay. Seeing it nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar isn't the craziest thing that could happen. We've also argued there are even more awards that it should be considered for.

Should the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominate Deadpool for Oscars? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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