Action franchises are a dime a dozen these days. Most of them get lost in the shuffle, but a select few have the distinct honor to be called genuine classics. One such action franchise is the Terminator series. Having said that, despite the iconic nature of the franchise's first two installments, the Terminator series has fallen on hard times in recent years.

In the face of increasing stagnation, the Terminator franchise recently received some stellar news when we learned that James Cameron would return to the series, with Deadpool's Tim Miller possibly circling as the director for the upcoming reboot. The responsibility of revitalizing the series has fallen squarely on their shoulders, but we have a few important ideas of our own. On that note, we have compiled a list of ways to fix the Terminator series, and we think Cameron and Miller would be wise to heed these specific requests. First and foremost, we want the next Terminator film to finally embrace one of its most bizarre and complex story elements: time travel.

Play With The Mechanics Of Time Travel

Audiences have become far more accepting of certain science fiction elements over the years, which means it's time to upgrade the way the Terminator franchise treats the concept of time travel. We live in a post-Primer and post-Looper world, and as such, the notion of time travel should be used to its full potential. It's not just a way to move from one point in time to another; it's a concept that can quite literally reshape reality. We want to see a Terminator film explore this idea by showing how chaos theory operates in a world where this outlandish technology actually exists. Time travel is much more than a vehicle; it's a concept with infinite potential for complexity and endless storytelling possibilities.

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