These past few months have been pretty big for sci-fi. We’ve had the first trailer for Jurassic World, the first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now we’ve got a teaser for the first Terminator: Genisys trailer. The clip is incredibly brief, and really only has given me more questions than answers…

Terminator Genisys
What is the story behind the new T-1000?
It has widely reported - though not officially confirmed - that the liquid metal T-1000 in Terminator Genisys will be played by Byung-hun Lee. But not only are we not sure if that is Byung-hun Lee, what’s his story? He looks kind of awesome hitching a ride on that cop car, so I hope we get to see a bit more of him (and thereby confirm the actor’s role) when the official trailer releases. Since we still don’t know a great deal about the film’s plot, I think the only thing we can safely say about the T-1000 is that this is one of the bad guys of the movie. Still, I am dying to know more!

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