When news is breaking every website tries to get it out as quickly as possible. Sometimes this results in typos. Sometimes it results in significantly bigger mistakes. ABC made one of those this morning. While posting this morning's Oscar nominations online ABC Digital apparently listed Amy Adams and Tom Hanks in the leading actress and actor categories. While many expected both of them to receive nominations, neither actually did.

The worst thing about the entire situation was that the incorrect information went up on the Oscar.com website. ABC is the network handling the awards ceremony and as such, they are apparently handling the official Oscar website. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC Digital has apologized for the incorrect info, while it's not clear how long the error was live on the site, it doesn't appear to have been very long.

Of course, part of the reason the error is such a big deal is that both of them are completely believable. Arrival was nominated for eight Oscars today and the fact that Amy Adams wasn't one of them was a huge snub. Even the director of the movie is shocked. Not seeing Adams nominated while the movie itself received so much praise was unbelievable. Without Amy Adams, there simply was no movie. Most people probably expected to hear her name by the time the official Best Actress announcement was made.

While Sully only received one nomination, for Sound Editing, when your star is Tom Hanks, you can't ever discount a Best Actor nomination. Much like Adams, Hanks carries his movie and those sorts of roles are often recognized even when the movie as a whole is not viewed as favorably.

The other person who needs to be recognized in this mess is Ruth Negga. The Loving actress was the one left off of the Best Actress list when Amy Adams was mistakingly put in it. The other actresses nominated this year include Meryl Streep, Isabelle Huppert, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone. It seems Tom Hanks name was simply added to the list as if six people were nominated in that category.

There's no specific information given as to why the error occurred. The most likely guess is that ABC had a list of potential nominees already made up, based on who was expected to receive nominations. Amy Adams would certainly have been on such a list. Then, when the actual announcement was made, an editing error left Amy Adams on this list. Since ABC wanted the news out ASAP the list was put online and not noticed to be incorrect until later.

With only five slots to nominate actors, there will always be some left out. Hopefully, news of being nominated didn't reach those who actually weren't. That would have been the most terrible outcome. Learning that you weren't nominated is one thing. Believing you were, and then learning the truth would be something else.

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