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Unless you're checking out a documentary or some kind of Fathom Events performance, people go to the movies so they can escape real life for a couple hours and watch a fictional tale. Then again, sometimes we also need to consider the phrase "Art imitates life," and bouncing off that, there are some real life events that would be bizarre even as a movie plot. One example happened a year and a half ago when producer Andre Salaman Bautista stabbed a man over an argument about the Academy Awards. Seriously, and today, it was announced that he's been found guilty of the crime.

As reported by The Wrap, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced that Andre Salaman Bautista has been found guilty of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. His sentencing is scheduled for March 22, and he could be sentenced to up to 13 years in state prison.


For those who missed this bizarre story when it was originally reported on in September 2015, Andre Salaman Bautista, a.k.a. Andre Bauth, was accused of stabbing his tenant, who's identified as Colton Haymes (not to be confused with Colton Haynes, the Teen Wolf and Arrow star). Apparently Haymes scoffed when Bautista claimed he would win five Oscars over his career, and that angered Bautista so much that he started stabbing Haymes with a kitchen knife. What makes this whole situation even more unusual is that the crime mirrored a movie that Bautista had written and starred in where a landlord killed his tenants, as was revealed in court testimony. In this case, life imitated art, and now I can't help but wonder if this weird event could also somehow be made into a movie in the future.

Andre Salaman Bautista got his start as an actor in the mid-1990s, and notable appearances include Hop (where he was uncredited), Nothing Personal, The Bridge and Night of the Wild. On the producing side of things, he's best known for his work on the online soap opera The Bay. While Bautista won't be winning any Academy Awards while in prison, he did take home a Daytime Emmy for his work on that show in 2015, and has also won awards from the Chicano Film Festival and IndieFEST. As for any Oscars, though, he's out of luck thanks to becoming way too upset at his tenant's disbelief at how he would one day be successful at these prestigious ceremonies.

The 89th Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 26 on ABC, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Click here to refresh yourself on who and what the nominees were this year, and check back at CinemaBlend the night of the ceremony for coverage.

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