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John Wick may not be the first name that you think of when you think of Valentine's Day. However, the folks behind the upcoming sequel would like to change that. They've released a new TV spot especially for lovers...of Keanu Reeves murdering people. If you loved the first movie you will almost certainly love the sequel going by this ad. Check it out below.

The Valentine's Day weekend can be a big one at the movies if you've got the sort of story that will attract couples on date night. This year, there's some pretty serious competition for that market as Fifty Shades Darker will be coming out at the same time. However, John Wick Chapter 2 has apparently decided that they want to present themselves as a viable alternative. Because sometimes what you love at the movies is a great action flick.

The montage doesn't really give us a great deal of insight into John Wick Chapter 2, instead, we just get brief glimpses of the one man army taking all kinds of people down in all kinds of environments. If you're a fan of the first movie, and really who isn't, then the sequel clearly has everything that you need as well. If you have the kind of significant other who would agree that this is the perfect Valentine's Day movie, then make a date right now.

It reminds us very much of the sort of ads that we saw for Deadpool around this time last year. That movie tried to present itself as the perfect date movie. To be fair, that film wasn't entirely without a romantic angle, and it even had some scenes that put Fifty Shades to shame. One way or another, something certainly worked out there. Deadpool became one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

John Wick Chapter 2 is unlikely to have much of a romantic subplot at all. The first movie opened with the death of the main character's lover. The only emotional attachment the retired assassin had left was to a dog, who didn't survive much longer. John Wick found a new canine companion at the end of the last movie, who we've seen in some shots from the new one. It's unlikely that anybody new has turned John Wick into a romantic, as he clearly hasn't left his old life behind.

We're certainly hopeful that John Wick Chapter 2 is another old school action masterpiece like the first movie, we'll find out when it finally arrives in theaters February 10. Will this be a date movie for you? Let us know in the comments.

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