Last night's Super Bowl was a mixed bag, depending on if you were rooting for the underdog Atlanta Falcons, or cheering their defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots. However, it was a pretty good night for movie fans, as many films came bearing big game gifts for all of us to enjoy. We must admit, it can sometimes be hard to find those spots readily available for viewing the morning after, and all of the clicking and searching can be quite repetitive.

As duty bound public servants to the entertainment community, we here at CinemaBlend would like to help make your lives easier. It's Monday, you don't want to annoy yourself first thing in the morning looking for the Ghost In The Shell Super Bowl spot. So just as you'll see the list of big game spots from various advertisers all over the internet, we're proud to present this handy guide to all of the movie flavored Super Bowl spots that aired last night.

But on top of that, we wanted to make things a little more interesting. So this year's TV spots have been ranked according to just how impressive they were. Feel free to compare your rankings to ours as you read through the list of 2017's Super Bowl movie trailers!

9. Transformers: The Last Knight

Honestly, you can say a lot of things about the Transformers movies. But one of those things you can't say about Michael Bay's franchise is that it's visually boring. This trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight not only proves our point, but it shows one of the most devastating moments in the series: Bumblebee v. Optimus. That said, it was a pretty quick look at what we've got to look forward to, and judging by that look, the jury's still out on how to feel about this one.

8. Ghost In The Shell

If the trailer to Ghost In The Shell didn't already promise some trippy visuals, this brand new Super Bowl spot only built on that foundation of thrills. The final shot of Scarlett Johansson's face partially deconstructed, with a quick glimpse of Michael Pitt's villain thrown in there, says it all. However, there wasn't a lot of new material to look at, much like Paramount's other offering of the night.

7. Life

Honestly, Life is still a bit flat in some opinions, as the film looks like a cross between Gravity and The Thing. That being said, this spot did have one moment that took our breath away, and that was Jake Gyllenhaal's tortured guise being subjected to either extreme G-force, or the creature born of this film's first act. Either way, it hit home, and it gave us our first look at a more fully grown creature, so we're interested.

6. A Cure For Wellness

One of the more surprising choices for a Super Bowl ad came from Fox's home court, as A Cure For Wellness saw some ad time during the big game. While the spot certainly doesn't sour us on the film, it didn't do a lot to jazz the potentially new audience members to go see it. That said, the imagery on this film is still haunting, and we're nevertheless excited to see where this cure takes us.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

FINALLY! Johnny Depp appeared in a spot for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales! Normally, with a blockbuster this huge and this anticipated, you'd have seen something more by now. But with a new army of baddies under Javier Bardem's Captain Salazar, as well as a look at Orlando Bloom's Will Turner starting to look just like his father, we're actually pleased to see that this is not only still happening, but it looks kind of good.

4. Logan

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way to go. There was some new footage added to this Logan spot, but the film was still kind of guilty of the sin of "not much new going on here." That said, it's the way everything is presented, with the haunting cover of "Amazing Grace," and the violent imagery countering that pastoral hymn, that makes this spot a winner. Wolverine looks like he's finally getting his due with this flick, and it's about damned time.

3. Baywatch

Oh man... Baywatch jumped a whole bunch of rungs on our "must see" list for this summer, and it's all because of how, if you'll excuse the pun, balls out it's going. As if the quips weren't funny enough to lure an audience, Zac Efron's gag with the star spangled Speedo gives his admirers something to look at, while giving the rest of us a good chuckle. Not to mention, between his one line reaction and the entirety of The Fate of The Furious spot, Dwayne Johnson is the MVP of Super Bowl LI's ads.

2. The Fate of The Furious

Speak of the devil, The Fate of The Furious pulled the same trick its theatrical trailer did: started nice and slow with some familiar sights and sounds, but then gradually ramped up to the insane finish. That finish included some improvisational water skiing... on ice... with Tyrese on a car door and Dwayne Johnson tugging him with an ice tank. What could possible beat that?

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

If you answered, "What could possible beat The Fate of The Furious?", with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then you're not only correct, but you must be a regular reader. With some new looks at old friends, new looks at new friends, and a sweet remix of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain, we've just about seen all we need to lock us in for the second volume of this series. Though a little Kurt Russell action in the next month or so wouldn't hurt.

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