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Surveillance, and how it's used, are major concerns for a lot of people in the modern era. After watching the new trailer for The Circle we're guessing a lot of people will be looking over their shoulder a lot more often. The movie promises us a look at a tech company that is trying to make the world a safer place by making sure that there is always somebody watching, but that only goes so far if you don't actually trust the people who are watching.

The new trailer for The Circle is equal parts inspirational and terrifying. It opens with some truly wonderful ideas about humanity reaching its potential through the creation of new technology. There are truly some great benefits that global communication and the Internet of Things have brought to us. Of course, those ideas can also be used in some very invasive ways, and this is when The Circle gets spooky.

The Circle looks to be what would happen if Google or Apple just decided to privatize global security. The technology is cutting edge, and while the motives of those behind it certainly appear to be good, we can tell by the way the tone takes a turn that even the best of intentions can go bad if taken too far.

The second trailer for The Circle gives us a bit more insight into a few of the character. Emma Watson is our heroine, Mae, who gets her dream job working for the tech company The Circle, which gets her out of her dead-end call center job. Things get even better for her when The Circle adds Mae's sick parents to their health care. It's clear that this is how the company gets a hold of her, which makes things difficult when the story goes bad. John Boyega is the brains behind the camera technology that is at the core of the film's plot. He enlists Emma Watson to somehow help him fix what's being done to his idea.

It's not clear whether the motives of The Circle are pure and they're just being taken to terrible ends, or if Tom Hanks is truly up to no good. What is clear is that the company is not going to stop. Tom Hanks has become a popular actor in large part because he comes across in his films as a simple, relatable guy. What's creepy here is that part of Hanks persona hasn't changed. Rather, that relatability is being used to make his character even scarier. You can tell there's something going on behind the mask of affability.

The Circle is looking like a very entertaining technology based thriller. With a rock solid cast that also includes the great Karen Gillan, we're hoping this one turns out to be as good as it appears. The Circle comes out April 28.

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