Hidden Figures has been lauded by audiences for its great performances and for bringing a subject that few were familiar with into the light. Now, during Black History Month, the film wants to help even more people see it by holding free screenings across the country. 21st Century Fox has partnered with the AMC theater chain to bring a free screening to 14 U.S. cities on February 18.

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Unlike many free screenings, which simply operate on a first come, first served basis, and do not guarantee that you'll gain entry, you can request tickets from AMC online and you'll receive a confirmation if tickets are still available to your chosen screening. The participating cinemas, according to Entertainment Weekly, are:

AMC Southbay Galleria 16, Redondo Beach, CA
AMC Aventura 24, Aventura, FL
AMC Southlake Pavilion 24, Atlanta
AMC Ford City 14, Chicago
AMC Westbank Palace 16, New Orleans
AMC White Marsh 16, Baltimore
AMC MJ Capital Center 12, Washington D.C.
AMC Southfield 20, Detroit
AMC Esquire 7, St. Louis
AMC Cherry Hill 24, Philadelphia
AMC Bay Plaza 13, NYC
AMC Mesquite 20, Dallas-Ft. Worth
AMC Bay Street 16, Oakland
AMC Carolina Pavilion 22, Charlotte

Hidden Figures is the story of three African-American women working for NASA in the 1960s in the lead up to the first American manned space mission. The women were responsible for much of the mathematical calculations that were done to confirm that the mission would be a success. It was vital to the mission, and yet, few were aware prior to the film that these women even existed.

Because the movies topic is viewed as being important by so many this isn't the first time that free screenings have been offered of Hidden Figures. Octavia Spencer, one of the film's co-stars, bought out an entire theater over the Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend in order to let single parents or others who might not otherwise be able to afford to see the movie have a chance to let their children know that these women existed.

If one of these screenings is not close enough to you, or if tickets are sold out, there's still the possibility of a free screening. Schools, community groups or non-profit organizations can fill out a form on the Fox website asking for a free screening to be brought to their area. Requests may be submitted through the end of February and those chosen will be informed in March.

Considering how inspirational, and potentially influential a story like Hidden Figures is it's nice to see such an effort to get the story out there. The film has been well received by both audiences and critics and in a couple weeks we'll see if the Oscars receive it as well. The film is nominated for several awards including Best Picture.

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