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Cinephiles all over the world dream of making their way to the Academy Awards at some point during their lives. It is an ideal that many strive for, but few manage to actually attain. However, Jimmy Kimmel brought an unsuspecting group of Hollywood tourists into the ceremony during tonight's Oscar festivities, and Denzel Washington even (unofficially) took it upon himself to marry an engaged couple who had no idea that they would attend the show. Check out the video below to see the absolutely glorious moment for yourself.

I think that video (as well as the looks on their faces) pretty much says it all. If you have ever visited Hollywood before, then there's a pretty good chance that you have taken a bus tour of the city in an attempt to see the stars who inhabit that fabled town. Jimmy Kimmel capitalized on that longstanding trend this evening by bringing an unwitting group of tourists into the Dolby Theatre for a surprise appearance, and the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host gave them an experience that they will never forget. While introducing everyone to the celebrities in the front row, Kimmel learned that an engaged woman in the group happened to love an actor by the name of Denzel Washington. Jumping into action, Washington got up, joined the two at the front of the stage and "married" them right there on the spot. He even went so far as to tell them to kiss right there in front of thousands of cheering celebrities. Vacations do not get much cooler than that.

I know that Denzel Washington saying that you are married is not technically legally binding (no matter what Kimmel says), but honestly, I do not even know if they need to go through with the real ceremony at this point. Nothing that they have planned will ever compare with Denzel telling the groom to kiss the bride. They might as well just go on their honeymoon now; they are already in sunny California, so there's no time like the present.

I have to admit, the real life Denzel Washington seems a hell of a lot nicer than his Fences counterpart. Washington's recent performance as Troy Maxson (in a film that also marks his first directorial effort in the realm of film) garnered him his eighth overall (and well-deserved) Oscar nomination this evening and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has not slowed down one bit in recent years. The guy will charmingly marry you at the Oscars, but he can quickly turn on his darker side and deliver an Oscar-worthy performance as a deadbeat father in the 1950s at a moment's notice. That is how you know you are a modern great in the Hollywood landscape.

Make sure to stay tuned for all of the latest and greatest updates about all of your favorite Oscar winners. Sure, you did not get married by Denzel Washington this evening, but there's still plenty of excellent and exciting moments for movie fans all over the world. Beyond that, there really isn't much left to do other than offer sincere congratulations to the engaged couple; I don't know much, but a blessing from Denzel Washington definitely bodes well for your marriage.

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