Clue 2: Jeremy's Obsession With Fighting

During the first dinner between Chris and the Armitage family in Get Out, Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones) starts to size Chris's fighting prowess. This is done through asking whether he's into MMA fights, if he'd ever gotten into street fights as a kid and almost ends with Jeremy demonstrating a headlock on Chris at dinner. Right from the get go, Jeremy is a total creeper who's interested in physical strength, maintaining that with the right training, Chris could be a total beast.

As it turns out, Chris is quite the beast when put up against the wall, and his finishing move on Jeremy looks and feels like the end of an MMA fight. If MMA fighters are allowed to stomp each other out in the ring, that is. Still, a beast is what Jeremy wanted, and a beast is what Jeremy got. He should be thrilled he was allowed to die fighting.

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