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Not everything goes according to plan, something which Alien: Covenant learned this evening. Originally the trailer for the next Alien movie was supposed to be released tomorrow, but thanks to an unfortunate leak, 20th Century Fox decided to move the time table up and put out the next preview in its official form. So for those of you who have been eager to see the next Alien: Covenant footage, Christmas just came early! Take a look below.

Even though it's a shame that 20th Century Fox wasn't able to follow their original schedule, we have to move past that, because wow, this latest look at Alien: Covenant is intense. Okay, admittedly, not at first. The opening of the trailer is similar to the five-minute prologue that was released last week, showing Katherine Waterston's Daniels and the crew of the colony ship Covenant having one last gathering before they land on the planet they're traveling to. At first, the world looks like paradise, but on closer inspection, there's something off about this environment. There's wheat in the fields, and there aren't any animals to be heard. Well not to worry, gang, you'll come across some particularly loud beasts quite soon.

Soon the Covenant crew members come across a deserted ship that's unfamiliar to them, but to the moviegoers who saw 2012's Prometheus will immediately recognize it as the Engineer's vessel. However, it's not the ship itself that will pose a problem to the Alien: Covenant main characters, but what lurks within. To channel Stefon from Saturday Night Live, this movie has everything: face huggers, backbursters, explosions, screaming (covers mouth). However, the money shot is at the very end, when Daniels is sliding down a flying ship. As she hangs on for dear life, we see that one of those trademark Aliens attacking. Um, yikes!

Given the mixed response Prometheus received among Alien fans in 2012, it's understandable that some of you might be skeptical about Alien: Covenant. We won't see the final product for another couple months, but going off this new trailer, it looks like there won't be any shortage of thrills and frights. Along with Katherine Waterston, Alien: Covenant's cast includes Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Demian Bichir and Carmen Ejogo. Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce will also reprise their Prometheus characters, although in addition to David, Fassbender will also play a newer android model named Walter.

Alien: Covenant will wreak havoc in theaters on May 19. Let us know what you thought of this new trailer in the comments below.

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