What Stephen King Really Thinks Of The It Remake

Pennywise the clown in IT

It is one of Stephen King's most popular books, which means that a lot of people are very interested in the end result of the upcoming remake. Of course, there's one person the movie probably wants to please above all others. The good news is that that one person has very good things to say about It. Stephen King has seen the film and he wants all his fans to relax, the movie is good.

Stephen King posted his glowing endorsement to Twitter after having apparently seen a complete cut of the new movie, which is, in actuality, half of the book. The novel It follows a group of friends as both children and adults. The film that hits theaters later this year will be the first part of that story, their experience as children, with the second part coming later, assuming part one is successful.

Based on Stephen King's tweet, it would seem that it is. "Beyond my expectations" is some glowing praise for a guy who, we assume, had some fairly high expectations to begin with. It's about the best review that we could possibly hope for this early in the process. It's so early that it's likely that whatever version of the film King saw wasn't quite finished, but we can guess it was close enough that significant changes aren't likely.

It's also good news considering just how long It has been in development. This is one of those films that sat in development hell for a long time, went through multiple directors and even multiple concepts, such as whether it would be one movie or two. When that many fingers are in the pie it's not uncommon to get an end result that doesn't have a clear vision or purpose, yet it appears that It has made it through in good shape.

Hopefully, this is also good news for the other Stephen King-related projects that are currently going down, as they are legion. King's magnum opus The Dark Tower will be making its bow later this summer, a new TV series based on King's supernatural ground zero Castle Rock was recently announced, and another of the author's biggest titles The Stand has also been working its way toward existence. King seems to be going through one of his biggest periods in popular culture. If everything turns out good, we have no problem with this.

Are you more excited for It knowing that Stephen King has given his seal of approval? Let us know what you think in the comments below. It will arrive in theaters September 8.

Dirk Libbey
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