Stephen King's It Movie Is Really Happening, Part 1 Has A Release Date

Die hard fans of the horror genre, prepare to rejoice. After a long and arduous journey, It will finally come to theaters once again. When I say it, I mean It. Following a years long stay in development hell, it now seems that the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It has found its footing and will move forward at Warner Bros. The project has a director, as well as a brand new release date, slated for September of next year.


A new report from EW indicates that Warner Bros. has officially announced new details related to the long awaited reboot of Stephen King’s It. The project was originally intended to be helmed by Cara Fukunaga, but prolonged delays to the project led to the visionary filmmaker’s eventual departure. At this stage, the unconfirmed rumors seem to point towards Mama director Andy Muschietti being brought on board to replace Fukunaga, but we do know that the upcoming It adaptation will be split into two separate films. Although the announcement doesn’t provide a release date for the second installment in the franchise, we do know that Part 1 is currently slated to hit theaters on September 8, 2017.


Based upon the 1986 book of the same name, It follows a group of friends haunted by a demon that capitalizes on their respective fears and phobias. The reason for the two separate parts to the movie is the fact that the filmmakers have opted to split the movie in order to showcase separate points of view: It from the point of view of the film’s children, and It from the point of view of the film’s adult characters. Not much other information has come forward regarding the nature of the remake, but the initial EW report seems to point to some various other minor changes being made to the narrative when the remake finally hit theaters.


One thing that seems to remain consistent between the original and the latest version comes in the form of the depiction of the iconic evil clown Pennywise. Originally portrayed by actor Tim Curry, the character is reportedly rumored to be portrayed by actor Will Poulter in the latest version – although it’s unclear if Poulter stayed on board following the departure of Cary Fukunaga.


We will keep you posted regarding all of the latest and greatest details related to the upcoming It movies as they become available to us. It Part 1 will creep its way into theaters next year on September 8, 2017.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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